Underground car park P1 at the Central Station Karlsruhe

Open all day I Licence plate recognition with Autopay

Underground parking garage P1 at the main station – Parking in Karlsruhe

In the underground car park P1 at the main station you will find a total of 570 parking spaces on two levels, which are connected by a ramp and a passenger lift.
The lower level, the so-called Reservierungsbereich (reservation area), is reserved for our customers with parking space reservations or long-term use permits.

The facility is accessible by car via the street Hinterm Hauptbahnhof. There is direct access to the station’s tracks via the main stairwell with direct connection to the station’s main passage at the western end of the underground car park as well as the eastern connecting tunnel (roughly in the middle of the underground car park).

The two pay machines are located on level 0 directly at the main staircase in the direction of the station passage, as well as approximately in the middle of level 0 near the eastern connecting tunnel.

The underground car park offers spaces for long-term and short-term customers, including reserved spaces for women and families. Of course, you will also find generously sized parking spaces for people with disabilities as well as electric charging stations for electric vehicles.
We cooperate with the car-sharing company Stadtmobil, which operates rental stations in all our parking areas.

The underground parking garage is equipped with the barrier-free and ticketless Freeflow license plate recognition system Autopay. To pay, the licence plate number is entered on site at the pay machines or online after exiting within 48 h after your visit.

The monitor at the exit shows the payment status and also reminds, if necessary, of the subsequent payment within 48 h by displaying a red exclamation mark.
Please note that in accordance to the General Terms and Conditions, further charges apply if settlement is not made within 48 h after leaving the facility.


Standard parking places

in total. 570

EV-Charging Parking Spaces

1 in total

Each started 60 min
2,00 €
24 h max
12,00 €
Each additionally
started 24 h
12,00 €
online after exit within 48 h
in advance
Good to Know
You can also have the parking process settled automatically when you exit the parking facility.

To do this, register at www.autopay.io before your trip, enter the number plate and your credit card in your profile and activate automatic payment for the licence plate. You will then also find your receipt in your profile.

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